Our Monthly Investment Tours in Georgia
Planned Investment Tours in Georgia take place several times a month, as it is our sales leader. We conduct more than 200 transactions monthly and are sales leaders in many construction complexes. Seize the opportunity to become the proud owner of profitable apartments in Batumi
Our scheduled Investment Tours for upcoming dates:
February 23-24

Investment Tour to Georgia with Diana Moss: 2024 February 22-25
The Batumi Investment Tour includes:

☀️ Accommodation in a 4-star hotel in Batumi (2 days/3 nights)
☀️ Buffet breakfast
☀️ Lunches and dinners in renowned restaurants in Batumi.
☀️ Airport transfer from Batumi Airport to the hotel and back.
☀️ Tours of complexes by major developers in Batumi.
☀️ Consultations with specialists.

Tour cost: $280 per person Tour cost: $450 for two people in double occupancy.
Additionally, you can visit on dates convenient for you, and our Georgia experts will meet you, introducing you to the most advantageous investment properties based on your preferences and budget. To do this, simply submit a request here:
Investing in Batumi means:
  • Earning income at various stages of construction projects.
  • Generating passive rental income ranging from 7% to 20% annually in USD. Investment risks in Batumi are minimized due to the unique opportunity to entrust your apartments to globally recognized Property Management companies such as Holiday Inn, Wyndham, Crown Plaza, Louvre Royal Tulip, and others.
  • Our specialists will demonstrate how to identify the peak growth of real estate in Batumi during resale, maximizing profit through the difference between purchase and sale.
  • You will also learn how to manage your apartments independently or remotely.
  • In addition, we will provide guidance on obtaining a mortgage of up to 90% of the property's value, with the option to cover the remaining debt and interest through rent (including guaranteed rent).
During the investment tour, you will learn how to:
  • Identify the best apartments to buy in Batumi from globally renowned brands, often priced 10 times higher or more in other countries.
  • Strategically transfer funds from a completed complex to an under-construction one, yielding returns of 30-50% annually, without selling your own apartment.
  • Execute a property exchange (trade-in) in your home country for apartments in Batumi.
  • Rent out your apartments while also enjoying up to 2 months of personal use with your family each year.
  • Recover your invested funds in the apartments within 5 years, enjoying free family vacations in 100 countries around the world.
During the investment tour, the group will be accompanied by:
  • Lawyers
  • Architects
  • Business
  • consultants
  • Investment managers

Our experts will help you find answers to all your questions:

Open a bank account (if needed)
Choose the right investment options, tax payment strategies, and property management solutions.
If you proceed with any transaction, the full cost of the Investment Tour, $280, will be refunded to you.

During the investment tour, we will arrange negotiations with the developer, during which you can reserve real estate that aligns with your objectives.
To do this, simply deposit a minimum amount of $1000 as a commitment to fix the price and sign a preliminary agreement for the purchase and sale of real estate.
We offer an Investment Tour with no obligation to purchase!

Come to the country to discover hospitable and sunny Georgia, and you won't be the same again!
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