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Diana Moss Real Estate Agent
I am a representative of the international company Vip Realty Club, specializing in the sale and management of overseas real estate.

Our main focus areas include Georgia, Northern Cyprus, Turkey, Indonesia (Bali), Bulgaria, UAE, Thailand, and others.

I lead a large team of professionals specializing in selecting high-quality real estate, encompassing the most sought-after properties. We collaborate directly with reputable developers, offering the advantage of negotiating prices directly with them.

In addition, our legal team conducts thorough document verification, ensuring a high-quality service both before and after the sale. With offices in 18 countries, all our staff undergo professional training and certification.
Global Living Opportunities
There is a wide selection of real estate in the country you want to invest in or call home
Explore prime investment opportunities in Cyprus – where the allure of Mediterranean living meets robust financial prospects. From luxurious seaside apartments to exquisite villas with panoramic views, our curated real estate offerings promise a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and lucrative investment potential. With stable economic growth and high rental demand, Cyprus stands as an ideal destination for investors seeking both a paradise retreat and long-term financial gains.

The real estate market along Georgia's Black Sea coast boasts picturesque coastal landscapes and experiences a rising demand for waterfront properties. Notably, thriving coastal cities such as Batumi and Kobuleti have undergone substantial development, capturing the attention of both local and international investors. Fueled by the region's scenic beauty, tourism prospects, and continuous infrastructure advancements, the Black Sea coast's real estate market is positioned as an appealing destination for property investment.


The real estate landscape in Indonesia is characterized by diversity, mirroring the country's archipelagic topography and varied terrains. Primary urban centers like Jakarta and Bali serve as pivotal hubs, undergoing continuous urbanization and drawing attention from both local and global investors. Influenced by factors like tourism, economic expansion, and governmental policies, the market showcases varying demands for residential, commercial, and resort properties across different regions of the country.

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  • I recently acquired an apartment in Georgia, Batumi through Diana Moss, and my satisfaction with the experience knows no bounds. Diana's profound understanding of the Georgian real estate market, paired with his exceptional communication and negotiation skills, ensured that the entire process was both seamless and enjoyable. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Diana Moss to anyone seeking to purchase property in Georgia.
    Robert Onuri
    Property in Batumi, Georgia
  • I recently purchased an apartment in Batumi, Georgia, with the invaluable assistance of Diana Moss and her company VRC, and I couldn't be more delighted with the entire process. Diana's evident expertise in the Batumi real estate market provided valuable insights and ensured a seamlessly executed transaction. I wholeheartedly recommend VRC company to anyone contemplating property investments in Batumi – a true professional who enhances the entire real estate experience.
    Manuel Sanchez
    Apartment in Batumi, Georgi
  • I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a hotel property in Bali, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional, thanks to the expertise and support of Diana Moss.The journey from exploration to acquisition was made effortless, and I am now the proud owner of a hotel property in the stunning paradise of Bali. I highly recommend Diana for anyone considering hotel real estate investments on this beautiful island.
    Marta Copper
    Property in Bali, Indonesia
  • Diana Moss recently assisted me in purchasing an apartment in Turkey, and the experience was exceptional. Her expertise in the Turkish real estate market, coupled with her attentive and personalized service, made the entire process smooth and efficient. I highly recommend Diana Moss for anyone considering property investments in Turkey.
    Alex Makarov
    Reals estate in Izmir, Turkiye
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